SEX PISTOLS-exist in Japan.
GAI was originally called the noise-core punk style of play.
In 1987, they released a second album "NEVER CAN EAT SWANK DINNER" is a masterpiece.
THE SWANKYS disbanded in 1989.
Reunited in 2005.


THE COMES was formed in February 1982. THE COMES is Japan's first female vocal hard-core punk band.
1983, the first album "NO SIDE" was released.
1986, the second album "POWER NEVER DIE" was released.

After, THE COMES was renamed "VIRGIN ROCKS", 7 "single" Shut Up! "Was released, but after a while and then shut down.


KURO was formed in 1981. Their performances will be hard to violence. Because of the violence, many from Live House refused to appear.
The band's last single substantive activities "FIRE" released after a few years GIG, members change is due to die a natural death.


1982, formed in Osaka. Japan is a definite form in the hard-core punk scene before the main activities of the band.
Roar, violent, noisy scene where hard-core punk, pop sense among the first to capture the music is simple and clear japanese punks got the overwhelming support.
They play pop punk sound from Abrasive Wheels from UK is affected.
The band broke up in 1991 and is currently active in the re-formed.


THE LOODS is "BEAT PUNK" genre of punk bands In Japan.
April 1982, formed. December 1982, First flexi released.
January 1987, the band name to LOUD MACHINE "to change.
June 1988, broke up. Nishimura, a member of the Front "THE GROOVERS" to form.
Flexi released in 1983, is the best.


In 1982, in November, formed. Original members of the JUN, KYOYA, KLAN, CASINO. August 1983, Endo Michirou editorial Flexi Magazine "ING, O" Flexi included in the first issue of "LA CADUTA DEGLI DEI" is announced. This is the first work in the name of WILLRD to penetrate the Japanese punk fans. December 1983, single "PUNX SING A GLORIA" is a masterpiece of early WILLRD.

Japan is currently the only active DAMNED Style inherit a punk band.


Formed in 1978. 1980 single "Not Satisfied" the album "ANARCHY". 1986, is a member of the scandals "THE ROCK BAND" and renamed, but the active members of solo activities and hibernate. Then in 1997, adding new members to resume work, but work stopped in 2001.

Aggressive lyrics and music, fashion, such as Japan's first punk rock band known as.


COBRA in 1983, the punk band formed in Osaka. Disbanded in 1991. Then in 1999, reunited to play, pause again in 2005. Revived in 2007.


Kyoto 1977 to 1979, mainly in the Kansai activities of the first Punk Band. Later, Japan's Punk Band impact is immeasurable. A little one minute, or less than one minute songs play a tremendous speed. Naturally appearance before the hard-core punk, SS In Japan, the first of the kind of hard-core punk, of course, most of Japan's prototype Punk Band.


In 1977, the Osaka prefectural high school in those days was shelved Machida, a town in the heart of the band formed, KUSARE-OMEKO based on 1979. March 1, 1981, which was released album "MESHI-KUUNA!" Made his debut. Members are formed when Machida Machizo vocalist, guitarist Naoto Hayashi, the bassist Tanaka "Oshou" Keisuke, Takeshii Nishimori drums. Machida Machizo other members are not certain, "MESHI-KUUNA!" Launch, the guitarist Masahiro Kitada, Masako Nishikawa bassist, drummer Shinichi Higashiura is a member.

INU was disbanded shortly after the debut and I will Machida Machizo "FUNA", "JINMIN Olympic Show", "ZETUBOU-ITTIYOKUSEN", "SHIHUKUDAN" such as new bands which was disbanded by repeating its musical career went sour . INU after dissolution after October 25, 1984, March 25, 1979 INU the live audio recording of the album "USHIWAKAMARU-NAMETOTTARADOTUITARUZO!" Will be released.


Formed in April 1978, 1980, produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto's major debut at "Atsu-Reki". At that time, members of the Reck (bass), Masatoshi Tsunematsu (guitar), Robin Chico (drums). The members of the December 16, 1979, Kyoto Taku-Taku live in the May 25, 1980 at Kanagawa University in the CD - live.

Masatoshi Tsunematsu, and subsequent withdrawal EDPS (oedipal) formed. Emiko Mogi successor to the guitar, and Shurutsuharuna four people have joined the organization said. "SKIN DEEP", a member of this announcement. The members of the concerts in Rome Vinyl is in addition to previously unreleased songs on the CD - that.

Then, a bearded Chico, Emiko Mogi, Shurutsuharuna the withdrawal. Reck is the name of friction Minoru Sato (drums), Serigano (synthesizer), Higo Hirosi, John Zone of the album "Replicant Walk" is announced. Then, Trek, Lapis, Minoru Sato, organized in four Higo Hirosi September 10, 1989 in Shibuya Quatro released the live CD.

Change is a member, and then repeated, Reck (bass, vocals, guitar), Minoru Sato (drums), Akinobu Imai (guitar), mainly to the three announced "Zone Tripper" April 2006 is the latest film There is.

And in April 2006, at Nagoya Reck (bass, vocals), Tatsuya Nakamura (drums) organized two concerts under the name of FRICTION took place. To begin with, the same year in August, Rising Sun Rock Festival and also appeared in a live again. Rhythm FRICTION team's only the start of the new organization and I look at it. July 29, 2007 Fuji Rock Festival is the last day of appearances.


THE GENBAKU ONANIES formed in 1982 by Japan's Punk Rock Band. Japan's longest-serving and punky, TAYLOW and EDDIE Punk Rocker in Japan as the oldest.


Japan and the origin of hard-core punk band-of-Kyoto "SS". "SS", based on 1981, THE CONTINENTAL KIDS is formed.

THE CONTINENTAL KIDS mainly in the Kansai is LAUGHIN'NOSE, THE STALIN of the east with Japan's core punk scene to making significant.

In 1984, their label "BEAT CRAZY" TIKUSYOU / JHONNY GUN, (7 "EP) released.


MICHIROU ENDO vocalist in 1979, mainly formed by the band, "JIHEITAI" primarily formed in 1980. In September 5, 1 st single "Electric Kokeshi / meat" Indies released. Then "STOP JAP" 1982 album, debuted at a major. 3 albums released in 1985 after the dissolution. Since then release the video only to the concept of "video Stalin," and the standing of the definite article "Stalin" in the name of a band back on track.

The band name is derived from Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin from that, Endo said the vocalist, "the world's most hated man in mind, remember the name as soon as I get" because it's named. In addition, Endo said, "Stalin and the band's name is not. I can work itself," it said.


The Star Club
was formed in Nagoya in the spring of 1977.
Members change frequently and repeatedly boasts more than 30 years of Japan's leading carrier Punk Band.