Formed in April 1978, 1980, produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto's major debut at "Atsu-Reki". At that time, members of the Reck (bass), Masatoshi Tsunematsu (guitar), Robin Chico (drums). The members of the December 16, 1979, Kyoto Taku-Taku live in the May 25, 1980 at Kanagawa University in the CD - live.

Masatoshi Tsunematsu, and subsequent withdrawal EDPS (oedipal) formed. Emiko Mogi successor to the guitar, and Shurutsuharuna four people have joined the organization said. "SKIN DEEP", a member of this announcement. The members of the concerts in Rome Vinyl is in addition to previously unreleased songs on the CD - that.

Then, a bearded Chico, Emiko Mogi, Shurutsuharuna the withdrawal. Reck is the name of friction Minoru Sato (drums), Serigano (synthesizer), Higo Hirosi, John Zone of the album "Replicant Walk" is announced. Then, Trek, Lapis, Minoru Sato, organized in four Higo Hirosi September 10, 1989 in Shibuya Quatro released the live CD.

Change is a member, and then repeated, Reck (bass, vocals, guitar), Minoru Sato (drums), Akinobu Imai (guitar), mainly to the three announced "Zone Tripper" April 2006 is the latest film There is.

And in April 2006, at Nagoya Reck (bass, vocals), Tatsuya Nakamura (drums) organized two concerts under the name of FRICTION took place. To begin with, the same year in August, Rising Sun Rock Festival and also appeared in a live again. Rhythm FRICTION team's only the start of the new organization and I look at it. July 29, 2007 Fuji Rock Festival is the last day of appearances.

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