In 1977, the Osaka prefectural high school in those days was shelved Machida, a town in the heart of the band formed, KUSARE-OMEKO based on 1979. March 1, 1981, which was released album "MESHI-KUUNA!" Made his debut. Members are formed when Machida Machizo vocalist, guitarist Naoto Hayashi, the bassist Tanaka "Oshou" Keisuke, Takeshii Nishimori drums. Machida Machizo other members are not certain, "MESHI-KUUNA!" Launch, the guitarist Masahiro Kitada, Masako Nishikawa bassist, drummer Shinichi Higashiura is a member.

INU was disbanded shortly after the debut and I will Machida Machizo "FUNA", "JINMIN Olympic Show", "ZETUBOU-ITTIYOKUSEN", "SHIHUKUDAN" such as new bands which was disbanded by repeating its musical career went sour . INU after dissolution after October 25, 1984, March 25, 1979 INU the live audio recording of the album "USHIWAKAMARU-NAMETOTTARADOTUITARUZO!" Will be released.

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